Sunday, 7 April 2013

In the Mood for Love 2000

"You notice things if you pay attention."  The framing of the action through doors and windows, the truthful reflection of a tarnished mirror, the use of clocks and lights (in particular the tree lampshade- beautiful link with the floral of Mrs Chan's dresses as her focus changes), the slo-mo of Maggie Cheung descending/ascending the stairs, noodles in tow ( a bit Freudian but it works), the way Wong catches the reflection of the light on her eyes in the subtle revelation of the affair scene, the shadows and bars as Mrs Chan and Mr Chow recognise the infidelity of their spouses, the sliding of the camera back and forth as they talk, the literal and allegorical feeding of the soul, the layering of different angles/perspectives of the same scene, the use of smoke and rain, the surreptitious blocked angles. In the Mood for Love is just lovely.

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